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I am new to this website, so I hope I am doing this right! I have never been good at writing papers.. so I'm hoping I can get some tips on what I need to change or do to make a good grade on this essay. My professor told us to write a comparison/contrast paper. It has to be 500 words about two people. She wanted us to focus on apperance, personality, and hobbies. Thanks for the help in advance!

My sister and I

Most siblings have a lot of things in common, like the same interests. However, my older sister and I are very different from each other, although many people often mistake us as twins. Once people actually get to know us they realize that we are very different in personalities and hobbies. I have often wondered how we ended up so different. We may look a like, but that's one of the only things we have in common.

We have many similarities in our appearances. My sister and I are both very short; and have the same exact height. Furthermore, we both have brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles head to toe. Our round faces are almost identical. We also wear the same sizes in clothes because of our small figures. Moreover, our styles of fashion are also similar, including t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. This similar appearance was a problem growing up, because we would steal each other's clothes. Our tiny hands and chubby feet look exactly alike. However, thankfully my sister's feet are a little bigger than mine, so she couldn't steal my shoes. Our shoe size is probably the only difference in our appearances.

Even though most of our appearances are similar, our personalities are completely opposite. My sister is a very hyper person, but I'm a calm and laid-back person. I love planning and organizing, but my sister never plans anything and just goes with the flow. She is very selfish and rarely puts others before herself. I have a really big heart and always put others before myself. She is a very social person and loves to talk; however, I have never been a talkative person and I like to keep to myself. She has a really bad temper and gets angry easily. It takes a lot to get me mad and I'm a very patient person. I'm always in a good mood, but my sister is rarely in good mood. I'm not a very picky person and I don't care if I don't get my way; however, my sister always has to have her way. She is always stubborn and makes situations so difficult for everyone else. I'm not stubborn at all and I try to do whatever is easiest for everyone. I love animals and children more than anything! My sister can't stand animals and doesn't plan on having children.

Finally, our hobbies are very different. I love being active and playing sports. In high school I was a cheerleader and a soccer player. I attended every baseball, basketball, and football game. Sports were a big part of my life. Nevertheless, my sister has never played a sport in her entire life. She loves to sleep and be lazy. If it requires work, then she wants no part of it. I love to hunt, fish, and be outdoors; however, my sister doesn't like to get dirty or be outside. Her favorite hobbies are shopping and watching television. I can't stand to shop or be cooped up inside. She loves spending money and I rarely spend any money. My sister has always been a girlie girl and I have always been a tomboy.

Many siblings that have the same parents look a lot alike. Siblings that are raised the same usually share a lot in common. My sister and I may look like twins, but we actually have little in common. I can't imagine having a sister who is less like me then she is. It's hard to understand how we ended up so different, but were raised the same exact way. It just goes to show that not all siblings have similarities.

How Are You Different from Your Parents (or other Adults Significant in Your Upbringing)?

There probably is no question more complicated to answer than the offered one. Comparing yourself to your parents is very difficult due to the fact that one’s personality goes through an eternal process of development and maturing. At each stage, the answer would be different. With years evaluation techniques will change, become more sophisticated and in the end an individual will understand that there is no significant difference between him and his parents. The only thing different is the time and environment each lived in, and obligations that were to be fulfilled.

How do I differ from my parents? I am more hopeful about tomorrow and look forward to new opportunities, while they have high hopes for me and view the entire world through me and my accomplishments in life. Do our personalities differ? Probably, to a certain extent they do, but not essentially. If being different means having different tastes in music or ways to spend leisure time, than we are different, since we have entirely opposite views on music, films and pastimes. On the other hand, I do not think that cultural and time specifics matter greatly in identification of peculiarities. If we do not take into consideration the age difference and their status in respect to me, I would say we are virtually the same. I am a classic example of a proverb “Like tree, like fruit”. Of course, we act in different ways, have opposite views on some things, particularly my life and how it should be lived, but it is mainly conditioned by age, rather than difference in personality. A few years ago, I would say that we had nothing in common except for the blood running in our veins, but now I understand how wrong I was. It all depends on a specific time and situation.

Overall, my answer to…

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