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Gerry Hallas
18 Step Street
Perth WA 6000
(08) 0000 3333
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Alana Pham
Human Resources Officer
AshtilMining Ltd
147 Main Street
Perth WA 6000

Dear Ms Pham

Re: Electrical Engineer, Minerals/Mining – Ref FGR299

In response to your advertisement on, I believe I am an excellent candidate for the role of Electrical Engineer. With five years experience on complex engineering projects, I have the ability to deliver high-level projects on time and within budget. I thrive on a job well done and would love to join the AshtilMining team.

I have a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Western Australia and am a member of Engineers Australia. In my current role at Broadmill Mining I have been lead electrical engineer for several projects, including the Fennell Gas Conservation project in WA which I designed and executed. I have excellent organisational and coordinating skills and enjoy juggling all aspects of a project, from designing, drawing circuitry and cost forecasting, to troubleshooting, conducting quality assurance and reporting.

In my last project I designed and developed equipment during the redevelopment of the Agenome Mine. I planned and designed the power station and generator systems using AutoCAD, organised delivery and installation schedules, supervised the construction and tested all systems to ensure adherence to safety standards. The project took eight months to complete and the systems are working perfectly.

My written and oral communication skills are excellent and I enjoy working as part of a team, as well as liaising with contractors and project stakeholders. I enjoy the company and support of my peers while being able to manage my priorities and work. My day-to-day job involves efficiently managing others, communicating complex data to the technical team and breaking down this information for clients and stakeholders.

Problem-solving and troubleshooting are tasks which I face on a daily basis and am confident at resolving. When there is an issue, as often happens in large-scale projects, I am sure to investigate the issue fully, scope out the best methods to resolve it, probe implications of each method, and communicate the data clearly with all relevant team members.

Most of all, I am a committed professional with the skills and attributes the job requires, and a strong determination to achieve an excellent outcome for my employer. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss this more with you at an interview.

Kind Regards

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Gerry Hallas

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a graduate student with MS degree of electrical engineering in North Carolina State University. I am here writing to express interest in this full-time job in your company. I learned about your organization through the career website of Dice. Your companyÂ’s leading technology and famous reputation impressed me a lot and makes me eager to know your company from within.

In my coursework, I was exposed to several core courses in circuits and multimedia. I have worked on several projects wherein I got hands on experience with hardware designs. Some of the notable projects were ‘Regular Expression Matching’ with throughput 1.6Gbits/sec in ASIC, 12-tap ‘Adaptive equalizer’ using Xilinx in DSP Architecture, designing the layout of 128 bit SRAM in 45nm using Cadence Tools virtuoso and ASIC verification project of pipelined LC3 processor.

After securing my Bachelor of Engineering in China, I worked in Siemens as test engineer. Siemens gave me good exposure to effective communication and working as a team globally. My colleagues and headquarters regard me as a motivated, quick learner, a good team player and an effective coordinator.

I believe that with my coursework and past work experience, I can make an immediate and effective contribution to your company. If you need any more information about me, please feel free to contact me.

Thanking you for your consideration.


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