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I loved my job at NICL, I learned a great deal and I got the experience necessary to move forward for better opportunites. working with the elderly allowed me to draw from the hardest most combative wasn't always easy...drawing a lot of patients in a certain amount of hours it had to be done. Working with others also allowed me to see different techniques in phlebotomy. My managers and supervisors were easy to work with. They were content as long as I got the job done. We were a diverse group of people from different nationalities. We worked together as a team. I love working with people that understand teamwork! The hardest part of the job is definitely building some type of relationships with the patients and seeing either go home, get relocated, or passing. I really enjoyed my time at NICL. it was a great stepping stool, and gained a lot of experience.


Phlebotomy Experience


not enough opportunity to grow with the company

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NICL AO 2017 Mains Exam is scheduled on July 2, 2017. The objective test will be a followed by a descriptive test which contains 3 topics: (Essay, Precis and Comprehension). Here we are providing you Precis Writing Sample.


The science has become one of the most powerful factors in modern life is a generally accepted and indeed an obvious fact. The proper role of the scientist himself is however, a point on which there is no general agreement. On the one hand are those die hands who , ignoring the changed circumstances of the outside world, contend that, outside the laboratory personal influence of the scientist should be no more than that of an ordinary citizen. On the other hand are extremists who advocate a stage verging on a technocracy, in which scientists would have special privileges and a large measure of control? Those who tend towards the later view are much vociferous than their more conservative and much more numerous colleagues with the unfortunate result that there is a wide-spread impression that scientists generally share these views and wish to claim a far larger share in the control of world affairs than they possess at present. It is, therefore timely attempt. An assessment of the proper status of the scientists in modern society.

The status of a scientist

People have different opinions about a scientist’s role in society. Some people think that outside his laboratory, the scientist is just an ordinary citizen. Others say that scientists should have special privileges. Many scientists also share this view. They wish to have more shares in controlling the world. We should properly assess the status of a scientist.

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