Bas Heijne Essay Outline

Bastiaan Johan "Bas" Heijne (Dutch pronunciation:[ˈbɑstiaːn ˈjoːɦɑn bɑs ˈɦɛinə]; born 9 January 1960) is a Dutch writer and translator.

Early life and education[edit]

Bastiaan Johan Heijne was born in Nijmegen in the Netherlands on 9 January 1960. He studied English language and literature at the University of Amsterdam.[1]


Heijne published in De Tijd, NRC Handelsblad, HP, De Groene Amsterdammer, and Vrij Nederland. Since 1991, he works for NRC Handelsblad. He translated works by E.M. Forster and Evelyn Waugh.[1]

Heijne was awarded the Henriette Roland Holst Prize (named after the Dutch poet Henriette Roland Holst) for the book Hollandse toestanden ("Dutch affairs") (2005), a collection of his columns from NRC Handelsblad.[1] In 2014, he won the J. Greshoff Prize (named after the Dutch journalist, poet and literary critic Jan Greshoff) for his essay Angst en schoonheid ("Fear and beauty"), on the Dutch writer Louis Couperus.[2] In 2017, he will receive the P. C. Hooft Award for his non-fiction oeuvre.[3]


  • (1983) Laatste woorden (Last words)
  • (1987) Vreemde reis (Strange journey)
  • (1989) Heilige monsters (Holy monsters)
  • (1992) Suez
  • (1994) Vlees en bloed (Flesh and blood)
  • (1996) Het gezicht van Louis Couperus (The face of Louis Couperus)
  • (1999) De mens is zo'n breekbaar wezen (Man is such a fragile creature)
  • (2000) De wijde wereld (The wide world)
  • (2003) Van Gogh
  • (2003) Het verloren land (The lost country)
  • (2004) Tafelgesprekken (Table conversations)
  • (2004) De werkelijkheid (The reality)
  • (2005) Hollandse toestanden (Dutch affairs)
  • (2006) Zang (Singing)
  • (2006) Grote vragen (Big questions)
  • (2007) Onredelijkheid (Unreasonableness)
  • (2010) Harde liefde (Tough love)
  • (2011) Moeten wij van elkaar houden? (Do we have to love one another?)
  • (2011) Echt zien (Really seeing)
  • (2013) Angst en schoonheid (Fear and beauty)
  • (2016) Onbehagen (Discontent)
  • (2017) Staat van Nederland, een pleidooi (State of the Netherlands, a plea)


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Winternachten 2015

The Writers' Fest

With: Aad Meinderts, Bart Moeyaert, Bas Heijne, Calliope Tsoupaki, Cristina Branco, De Règâhs, Dimitri Verhulst, Francis Broekhuijsen, Ivo van Hove, Jan van Mersbergen, Joris Wijsmuller, Kees 't Hart, Luc Coorevits - Behoud de Begeerte, Lucky Fonz III, Maarten 't Hart, Maria Barnas, Mensje van Keulen, Piet Gerbrandy

Francis Broekhuijsen hosts the festival's concluding celebration: the Writers' Fest, a varied programme centred around Dutch literature.

Poet Maria Barnas begins the afternoon with an ode to poetry. Writer and critic Kees' t Hart introduces the programme with his views on the state of Dutch literature, a speech about the literary highlights of 2014. Writer Bart Moeyaert, artistic manager of special guests Flanders and the Netherlands at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair, presents his plans to promote our literature in the global context. Fado singer Cristina Branco sings songs composed specially for the occasion, based on poetry by Remco Campert and others.

The core of the programme is the presentation of the Jan Campert prizes, the City of The Hague's prestigious literary awards, with inspired lectures by admirers of the laureates. For his poetry collection Vlinderslag (Stroke of the Butterfly), Piet Gerbrandy will receive the Jan Campert Prize and a tribute by composer Calliope Tsoupaki. Jan van Mersbergen, who will receive the Ferdinand Bordewijk Prize for his novel De laatste ontsnapping (The Last Escape), will be serenaded by singer-songwriter Lucky Fonz. Bas Heijne will receive the J. Greshoff Prize for Angst en schoonheid. Louis Couperus, de mystiek der zichtbare dingen (Fear and Beauty: Louis Couperus and the mysticism of tangible things). He will be addressed by Ivo van Hove, director of the Amsterdam Theatre, which will stage the work of Couperus in 2015. Writer Dimitri Verhulst will honour Luc Coorevits, the passionate founder of the Flemish literary organization Behoud de Begeerte, which won the G.H. 's-Gravensande Prize for exceptional literary achievement. The evening's crowning glory is the Constantijn Huygens Prize for a body of work. This will be awareded to Mensje van Keulen for her novels, stories, and poems. Fellow writer and contemporary Maarten 't Hart will sing her praises, as will De Règâhs.

Presented in collaboration with the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Jan Campert Foundation.

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